Sorry I have no fancy images up yet. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not much of a graphical designer.

That being said, let me tell you what WordBench is all about. If you’re in a hurry (and who isn’t?) WordBench let’s you leverage all of these WordPress features without needing to write custom code:

  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom Post Formats
  • Custom Taxonomies
  • Custom Roles & Capabilities

WordPress has a number of powerful features that give developers a lot of power under the hood. Unfortunately, most of them are only available at a code level. The goal of this project is to create interfaces for those features and fit them nicely into the WordPress admin panel. Administrators will be able to manage custom post types, formats, and taxonomies and modify user and group permissions without poking around the theme or plugin. Developers will be able to implement custom fields for their post types without needing to deploy new code. WordBench won’t add any glitz to your site, but it’ll take care of the grunt work so you can focus on your content.